Is silence audible?

An image from Silent Hill, courtesy of

When reading through this chapter, I thought a lot of many everyday figures of speech. At my job, I often turn to similes to explain to our customers the situation that their devices are in. It feels as if it is my job to make sure that the customers know what is going on.

While this is usually questioned and ridiculed by a few of my co-workers, the customers ultimately understand what the situation is like. In a similar way in Fog, Carl Sandburg uses figures of speech (particularly metaphors) to make the reader imagine the apparition of fog. In the line “The fog comes \ on little cat feet.,” Sandburg breathes life into the fog by giving it cat feet. The connotation of cat feet is that of something stealthy — something that moves through the night quietly and harmlessly. This is a great way to discuss the way that fog appears in the environment because fog is something that slowly populates an area.

Furthermore, the second stanza assigns more cat characteristics to the fog. A cat is known to move quietly and observe from a distance for a small period of time; it is going to stay silent and make a note of what is going on. Since the fog looks over on silent haunches, this makes me think of a fog that is stalking its prey.

It seems to me as if Sandburg makes a cat more of something that is in a scene rather than something interacting with a scene. It’s a bit strange to explain. Perhaps it’s because a cat is a quiet animal that doesn’t really interact with people, the fog appears to be something that’s not necessarily obtrusive. In this, Sandburg excels because that is exactly what fog is.


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